Stuart Roper

Stuart Roper

“Stuart sees the play of light as if refracted through a prism. He builds his compositions through gestural marks working in much the same way
as the Impressionists, creating compositions that dance on the canvas.”
Jenny Blyth Fine Art

Born in England and brought up in Scotland he studied design and illustration in Aberdeen, he is now based in the South of England.

He works in a variety of media including watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oils.

His paintings show the influence of the Scottish Colourists, yet he has a deep affinity with the English landscape. Since moving to the Welsh Marches in early 2018 his new work reflects his response to the beauty of the Welsh landscape. With work exhibited in a number of galleries throughout the UK and with paintings in many private collections, he has growing reputation that has attracted the attention of fine art buyers across the globe. Magdalen College, Oxford have recently purchased two pieces of his work for the their extensive collection of artworks.

In addition to painting, his practice includes illustration (mostly pen and ink) for a variety of applications from children’s books to maps and murals, and is much sought after as a teacher for adult education and master classes. He has exhibited throughout the UK over the past 45 years beginning with the young Scottish artists in Edinburgh in the 1970’s, through collaborative and solo exhibitions in London and the South East.

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