About Dolphin Gallery

Dolphin Gallery has been part of the Wantage landscape for over 20 years and originally the home gallery of celebrated artist, Beryl Maile. In December, 2018, the business was taken over by Rob Corlett who moved to Wantage from Surrey, where he gained experience in two differing galleries and framing centres.

‘My background is a long way from the world of galleries in that I had a 25 year career in advertising and commercial media latterly as MD of hit40uk Ltd. My life was in radio and TV studio’s rather than of the art variety, however I had a real hankering to get involved in the arts, which maybe my family history of artists going back nearly five generations. I decided life was too short to not pursue your passions so I gave up the suits and started working with galleries in 2016. I quickly really fell in love with it, and adore the simple pleasure of framing and marketing art, something which brings such joy to people’s lives. So much so that I started scouring the UK for the perfect business to buy, and found it in Dolphin Gallery. Its a great adventure moving lock, stock and barrel to a completely new environment, but I instantly loved the town and surrounding countryside, and could not have been made to feel more welcome by the incredibly friendly people of Wantage. ‘

Dolphin Gallery has evolved in the last twenty months, with new hanging displays, a renovated shopfront, two rear rooms opened up and converted to gallery space, which has over doubled our display area. This will enable us to have a sequence of exhibitions and workshops and a constant variety of changing artwork. We also now have converted the backyard into a sculpture garden which has been incredibly popular this summer. Just drop in for a browse whenever you are in town, sign up for our newsletters or befriend us on facebook to keep informed of all the activity that will be happening.