Mel’s love of nature and birds are the main inspiration behind her art. She works from a combination of imagination and photographs of her hummingbird subjects which she captures when visiting family in America. Each bird offering a unique colour and form.

“I’m lucky enough to have family in the States that I visit to view and capture these beautiful birds on film. I love the individual, vibrant colour variations that each Hummingbird offers and the magical quality they possess. It’s always a wonderful challenge to get their bright, colourful bodies across in my work. I find the Hummingbird such a peaceful, pretty creature that needs to be captured on canvas for all to see.”

Mel creates her backgrounds using mixed media, she loves the versatility the different paints and materials create.
“I often add gold or copper leaf to my backgrounds, to give them that extra bit of pazazz!….I really have fun adding different layers and texture and colour and it ensures no background ever turns out the same!”

Mel is now settled in rural Norfolk where she loves nothing more than early morning dog walks along the coast before starting her day of painting. Her studio is located within her home where she feels most relaxed and able to get fully enthralled in her next creation.

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