Keith McBride

Keith McBride

Keith McBride has achieved an international reputation for his amusing and quirky iconic images of London, which are inspired by its people, architecture, and transport system! His inspiration stems from the period he spent working in the capital. Keith would visit rooftops in the heart of London and watch the city wake up, sketching people walking to and from work and travelling around. His artwork perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of the capital and features iconic landmark such as the statue of Eros, the distinctive Underground signage, red phone boxes, Routemaster buses and black cabs.

Keith enjoys working with acrylics and canvas, although he starts every new composition with an ink drawing in a loose style. He then incorporates cartoon style art and silkscreen printing to achieve his final vibrant artwork. He refers to his collages as “a massive jigsaw puzzle in reverse.” Research is a considerable part of the process and Keith will spend hours and hours turning the pages of magazines to find the best snippets for his bespoke collages. He sketches in stick men, and then allows character of the piece to develop unknowingly: “it is as much as a surprise to me how it will finish as it is to anyone else!”

Much of Keith’s latest work fuses Urban Art and Pop Art with a touch of surrealism. He comments on culture trends and hot topics of the day through his art, using themes such as money and power, alongside cultural icons in fashion and lifestyle to reflect on life in the first part of the 21st century.

His contemporary and unique collages are eye-catching and there is always something new to find in them They are great conversation pieces and give vitality and energy to the space in which they hang. Keith has achieved an international reputation for his collages and has been commissioned to produce work all over the UK and indeed worldwide.

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