Heidi Langridge

Heidi Langridge

Heidi’s paintings have a sense of the dramatic. Placing birds centre stage against a background saturated in colour and billowing forms, these paintings are all about the joy of being in the here and now.

” How the birds sit together in my paintings is very important. It is not my intention to depict natural bird behaviour but to subvert it a little so it reflects us. I want the birds to relate to each other in a group dynamic, with some being more dominant or hesitant than others. I’m not sure why I do this. It maybe because these paintings are imitations of nature and therefore filtered through my consciousness.

Foliage and habitat are only suggested by use of colour and form. This gives me a way to hold the birds in place and set them centre stage without trying to make anything too real.

These paintings are a way of bringing birds closer into my life’.

Heidi lives on the South Downs and works from her home studio.

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