Elizabeth Baldin

Elizabeth Baldin

Elizabeth’s first career was in graphic design. She studied at Bristol Art College, where she qualified with a BA (Hons) in Graphic
Design. She then moved back to Berkshire and for many years was employed as a book designer for a major publishing company. But her passion was painting and she became a freelance designer in order to be able to devote some more of her time to her art. She first exhibited her paintings in 2007, and from then on concentrated on becoming a full time artist.

Over the years she has worked in oils, acrylics and watercolours, and striven to develop her techniques in all media to widen the scope of her painting. Recently she finds she is painting more watercolours mixed with acrylic inks and loves the vibrant colours and marks that come from using these two mediums together. She uses this method to paint atmospheric landscapes of the Lake District and the Scottish Islands – especially the Isle of Arran with it’s beautiful, subdued light.

She also paints impressionist landscapes with acrylics, concentrating on lively brushwork and dynamic colour combinations to depict the Berkshire countryside near her home or the coastal regions of Hampshire and Devon. These paintings are developed from sketches she has made on location which she then develops over many hours back in her studio.

Elizabeth has exhibited at the Windsor Art Fair, the Reading Contemporary Art Fair, and has taken part in the Henley Arts Trail and the West Berkshire Open Studios Scheme. She is a member of several Reading Guild of Artists as well as a number of local art groups in Berkshire. Elizabeth says ‘Painting is filled with so many new discoveries and challenges for me and it keeps evolving – never standing still. That’s why I’m so hooked’.

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