Dawn Benson

Dawn Benson

Born in Canada and trained as a graphic designer in the 1970s, Dawn practised as a graphic designer for 18 years before returning to her first loves, sculpture and painting. Dawn has exhibited her work in exhibitions and galleries around the UK for many years and Dawn has sculptures in collections around the world inc: USA, N.Z, Germany and France. Dawn has taught sculpture over many years in both Adult education and in one off workshops; but is now focussing on working for herself.

Dawn produces stylised, figurative sculptures in bronze and bronze resin, which she initially models in clay, plaster or wax. She now works on an intimate, ‘tabletop’ scale. A mother herself, much of Dawn’s inspiration is drawn from her own experiences, relationships and feelings. She is known in particular for her stylised sculptures of horses and children.

Her work captures an element of tension, humour and sensitivity, leaving one with the impression that there is often more than meets the eye.

Dawn Benson also loves to paint what is around her, Benson’s love of nature and the sea particularly inspiring her. She has taught over many years but now wants to work for herself on her art.

Since living in Oxfordshire, the Ridgeway has always been an inspiration to her. She finds painting here and painting along the coast of the UK and abroad very different, and consequently will often paint in different styles.

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