Anna Schofield

Anna Schofield

Anna’s career began in in criminal law and corporate business, however her creative side was left unfulfilled. After many years in this field, she made the decision to change her profession and follow her heart; she completed an art and design course at New College Nottingham and became a full-time professional artist.

Anna loves travelling and documenting interesting parts of nature, whether it be the sky, the sea, or the pools and harbours around it. The places she visits live long in her memory, and she brings them back to life on canvas with her own interpretation. Anna is great believer in the positive power of art and treats it as a real necessity for our emotional existence.

Anna starts a painting by creating a suggestion of the mark using acrylic, gesso or other media and then covers it with many layers of oil paint. Anna uses both glaze and impasto techniques which date back to the times of the Italian Renaissance. This method employs numerous semi-transparent layers of paint, which modifies the appearance of the underlying structure. Each colour and their mix on the canvas has deep spiritual meaning for Anna, creating the ‘landscape of the soul’ and a symbiosis between the artist and the viewer.

Texture is an integral part of Anna’s work, and she enjoys the process of ‘evolving ‘areas. She works mainly with palette knives, her fingers, and a variety of other implements, as well as the traditional paint brush to create diversity in her mark-making. Anna lives with the painting for weeks and constantly makes changes and adds detail to make sure she has captured everything she wanted to say. The combination of texture, technique strong colours and a dominant appreciation of light and shadow ensures that Anna’s work is both uplifting and has positive overtones.

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