Mariana Acevedo

Mariana Acevedo

I was born in Santiago, Chile.

I worked several years as a designer and also studied oil painting with a renowned Chilean artist. In 2015 I decided to take up art as a second career and came to the UK to study at Oxford Brookes University, where I obtained a BA Honours and MFA in Fine Art. I am working mainly in Oil Painting and Photography and have also created MA Studio where I teach art courses.

Many years practising yoga and meditation has had an important influence in my work as a visual artist. I developed an intuitive approach to making art, allowing my senses and the materials to guide me in the making process. Working in this way frees my mind of preconceived ideas and helps me reach a state of flow where uncertainty is normal and the final result is not important anymore, actually at the end it becomes more of a discovery.
The process is everything to me, it’s where the medium, my body and the subject communicate, interconnect and perform as one, making me feel the joy of being an artist.

What I like most about working with oil is its versatility to be used in many different ways and on many different surfaces. I like to exhaust the medium to its limit, and use it freely without rules or boundaries taking advantage of its slow process, which allows space and time to listen to what it’s communicating. It is in this communication and in the careful elaboration of details where my work concentrates.

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