Hilary Audus

Hilary Audus

In my past career I worked in the Animation Industry during which time I have received several Major Awards for my films.

I was responsible for the script development of the English Christmas Classic, “The Snowman” on which I was also an Animator and Storyboard Artist.
I boarded and Directed “The Bear” another Christmas Classic and co-wrote and Directed the sequel to “The Snowman” – “The Snowman and The Snowdog”.

After retiring from Animation I started Sculpting, re-kindling a love made when at Art School, but which had to be set aside when the economic facts of life intervened!

I work in ceramic stoneware. All my pieces are hand-built using the traditional coil technique. I find that my experience of animation helps me in my sculpting, as I have a good understanding of anatomy, movement and line.

I specialise in animal sculptures, and have an especial love of birds, I try to give all my pieces personality, an animator’s trait!

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